Kyiv Security Forum


Coordinator, Just Governance, Caux, Switzerland

Coordinator, Just Governance, Caux, Switzerland John Bond coordinated the Caux Forum for Human Security from 2009 until 2012. This Forum annually brings several hundred people active in human security to Caux in Switzerland. Previously he was the Secretary of Australia’s National Sorry Day Committee, which enlisted a million Australians in initiatives to overcome the harm done to Aboriginal Australians by cruel and misguided past policies. For this he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. He works with the NGO Initiatives of Change and lives in Oxford, England. He is active in initiatives to enable Africa’s natural resources to benefit African development. He serves on the Board of the Fair Trade Jewellery Association. His biography of Prof Jerzy Zubrzycki, known as 'the father of Australian multiculturalism', has just been published.