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Caux Network Co-ordinator, Initiatives of Change-International (

Caux Network Co-ordinator, Initiatives of Change-International (
 Prior to taking on a role as a Network co-ordinator of International Association Initiatives of change, Zoryana has established herself as a trainer/facilitator and co-ordinator of international programmes in the areas of ethical leadership, peace-building, multi-cultural dialogue and civil participation. Zoryana had studied Linguistics and translation studies and worked as an International project specialist in a private higher education institution.
Zoryana’s linguistic background ignited her curiosity as to how to translate great ideas and interest in a positive change into actions. She has specialized in a number of participatory facilitation methods and training techniques.
Zoryana has over 10 years of cross-cultural experience in people and programme development, working in a number of countries in East and West Europe, South-East Asia, East Africa, and also in Lebanon, USA. 
Zoriana is certified Agile Project Management Practitioner.