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Head of “Europe without Barriers”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Head of “Europe without Barriers”, Kyiv, Ukraine Iryna Sushko is the Head of EWB since its registration in 2009. From 2006 until 2011 Iryna has worked as a lecturer of history and ethnology at the KyivUniversity on Economics and Law (KROK) and at the Kyiv Business Lyceum. Parallel to her occupation as a teacher she was involved as a project manager and the analyst of the Center for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Policy of Ukraine. Iryna was the leader of numerous international and all-Ukrainian research and advocacy projects aimed at supporting the European integration of Ukraine. She managed all EWB monitoring projects. Iryna is the author and co-author of policy papers dedicated to the development of the movement to support civic liberties, in particular, freedom of movement and human contacts. Since 2011 she is an expert on the international research projects such as the European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries and the Eastern Partnership Visa Liberalization Index in the spheres of justice, freedom and security. The activities of the organization which she is heading is mainly aimed at removing administrative barriers which hamper the freedom of communication and movement of Ukrainian citizens as well as citizens of other European countries. Iryna Sushko is the leader of numerous projects to monitor the fulfillment of criteria foreseen by the Action Plan for Visa Liberalization and to monitor the implementation of the Visa Facilitation Agreement between Ukraineand the EU. The “Europe without Barriers” civic initiative which Iryna is heading is a member of the international Visa-free Europe Coalition that has united the efforts to support through advocacy freedom of movement for the citizens of the Eastern Partnership countries.