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There is nothing left to steal in the Ukrainian budget, so the money gets stolen while it is still on its way to the state treasury, says Vitalii Shabunin

22 November 2013, 22:13
On Friday, November 23, at the 2nd Youth Kyiv Security Forum, the representatives from Ukraine, Georgia, and Pakistan spoke about the corruption situation in their countries. Based on the report made by Ashraf Ali, the President of FATA Research Center, Pakistan, the corruption problem is the most acute in their country. Mr Ali assured the audience that 7 billion rupees (USD 65 million) from the national budget falls into the pockets of the state officials every day.

The EU countries will reach common ground regarding Ukraine, says Mariia Yurikova

22 November 2013, 22:11
The European Union member countries will reach a common ground regarding Ukraine, whose government this Thursday refused from the preparations for the signature of the EU Association Agreement at the Vilnius Summit. Nevertheless, the standpoints of certain EU members, in particular the Ukraine’s members, may differ. This was announced on Friday by Mariia Yurikova, deputy head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, at the 2nd Youth Kyiv Security Forum (Youth KSF).