Kyiv Security Forum

National Round Table: "Unity of the People. Protection of Democracy. Defense of the State"


Today, marking the Ukrainian Unity Day, we, the representatives of the national political forces and Ukrainian civil society, appeal to the entire Ukrainian people to unite, show solidarity and readiness to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression. 

The deadly threat from Russia that is looming over Ukraine, as well as the issue of the restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine, de-occupation of Crimea and regaining control over the temporarily occupied areas of Donbas require our collective mobilization. 

The mobilization of forces and mutual support are also needed in Ukraine to counter the attack on democracy, the destruction of state institutions, the reforms backslide, the rise of the Kremlin's "fifth column" and the instigated discord among people. 

We have taken a decision to offer a format of national supra-partisan dialogue to discuss the external and internal treats Ukraine is facing. Authorities that are inclined to authoritarianism ignore their opponents and want to silence them. Democratic leadership starts a dialogue with them and wants to persuade them. 

We call the state leadership to demonstrate the strong will and unite the entire Ukrainian people in the defence of our state and to strengthen the alliances with other democratic countries for the sake of defending our independence and common freedom. 

Ukraine must say its firm “no” to Putin’s criminal demands. 

We call the authorities and the entire society to realize that the key defenders of our independence are Ukrainian soldiers – men and women, and to concentrate all the national forces in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, its priority financing, and introduction of modern means to deter the aggressor. 

We call to fulfill the historical mission of our time and accomplish to fulfill all the necessary transformations and requirements for Ukraine to gain NATO and European Union membership. 

We demand to firmly hold to the democratic values and freedoms of our people and to stop any illegal persecution of the national opposition, abridging of freedom of speech and free vote. 

We call for an immediate end to the attempts to disrupt the anticorruption institutions, as well as for an instant accomplishment of the judicial reform. 

We call for providing conditions for free economic development in Ukraine and stopping the evident attack on small, medium and big business, and on foreign investors, as well as for transparent and competitive rules for everyone regardless of proximity to power. 

We call for guaranteeing the course towards the total energy independence from Russia and Belarus. 

We call for ensuring the indefeasible observance of laws concerning protection of Ukrainian as the state language. 

We call for ensuring a systemic fight against Russian propaganda and agents. 

We invite President of Ukraine to join the dialogue, and we also invite for cooperation and unity all the Ukrainian political parties and civil society leaders across the country.

The time has come to unite the forces of Ukrainian patriots and to build the joint action networks, to help the territorial defense, and together protect our state. 

We call on the whole free world to support the Ukraine’s freedom and its fight.


Approved in Kyiv on January 22, 2022