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Andriy Teteruk: Russia has lost Ukraine forever having begun the war against it

26 March 2015, 10:35

Russia's war against Ukraine, which has already led to the deaths of several thousand Ukrainians, is a point of no return in the minds of the Ukrainian people who will never identify themselves with Russia, will not be under its influence and will not share the values of Kremlin as stated Andriy Teteruk, People’s Deputy of Ukraine during the 3rd Youth Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation. 

“Shedding the blood of our citizens now is such a point of no return, because now the consciousness of the young Ukrainians completely changed. I would consider this act of aggression to be an act of desperation of Putin as he realizes that he has lost country forever. That generation that has grown in the independent Ukraine, cannot understand the ideology that continues to exist in Russia. And the values that they are trying to impose to the republics of the USSR are not acceptable to the youth of today "- he said, addressing the audience of young leaders.

People's Deputy noted that while the world decides how to restore the destroyed system of international security, the people of Ukraine themselves with arms in their hands defend their right to develop in their own way and according to their own beliefs.

According to A.Teteruk, currently there is an urgent need to create conditions where internal capacity of Ukrainians shall ne fully exerted. “We are like the Phoenix, which is now burning in the fire, and then will be reborn to build the new country of our aspirations and dreams.” – he said. 

In this new Ukraine the law will be universal and corruption will be eliminated. According to the PD, the current parliament is sort of a transitional model “from the old and corrupted to the new and honest”.

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