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It is impossible to implement Minsk agreements unless Ukraine is provided with arms - Bogdan Klich

26 March 2015, 10:33




The implementation of the Minsk agreements seems impossible unless partner states provide Ukraine with defensive arms which are of more political than military significance, as stated senator, the Defense minister of Poland (2007-2011) Bogdan KLICH during  the 3rd Youth Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation. 

“Personally I doubt the possibility of achieving the implementation of the Minsk agreements without providing Ukraine with necessary defensive arms. I believe that rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shall have more political that military importance”, he said. 

According to the Polish senator, in the political context it will “be a powerful message to Moscow and the rest of the world that Ukraine is not alone and is not doomed to fail”. “From this point of view it would be a political step allowing the West to initiate changes in the dynamics of conflict resolution between Ukraine and Russia”, he underlined. 

The ex-Minister of Defense of Poland pointed out that the implementation of the Minsk agreements is crucial for theterritorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. According to him, some European leaders believe that a diplomatic solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine is a realistic objective, the others think about the rearmament of Ukraine. “The future of the Minsk agreements is a certain test of efficiency of the diplomatic approach by the European, Euro-Atlantic community”, he believes. 

B. Klich has also expressed a conviction that the West should implement new sanctions against Russia, “that would be really painful for the Kremlin”. “I would advocate far more serious sanctions that would indeed affect the banking, financial, defense sectors, the economy as a whole. They would be much more painful and much more visible to the Russian society,” - he said. 

According to the senator, NATO as well should offer Ukraine more efficient assistance to maintain its safety. “I am not satisfied with what NATO offers to Ukraine, since here, in Ukraine, there is a forefront where not only the future of your country is determined, but the issue of protection of the whole Euro-Atlantic area,” – said B.Klich. 

The ex-Minister of Defense also stated that the global security system established after the end of the Cold War was destroyed with the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine: “Currently there is no stable security model, paradoxically. We talked about the system, which should be based on cooperation - it is no more. And it will not be at least 10 years or even more”. 

Polish senator said that NATO has already begun deliberations on possible future security model. However, he stressed that it is very difficult to create such a security model only by means of discussions, it “must be the result of efforts and practical real work.”

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