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The ‘Yatsenyuk doctrine’ has to stop Putin - D. Lubkivskiy

25 March 2015, 20:48

Russian aggression has to be stopped by means of implementation of so-called ‘Yatsenyuk doctrine’, the main idea of which is to raise the price the Kremlin will pay for the continuance of the escalation, said  Danylo Lubkivskiy, counselor of PM of Ukraine during the 3rd Youth Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation. 

“When we were thinking about formats, we tried to find an optimal formula. Today we continue to seek the optimal formula. And what I am going to speak about (please allow me to use such doctrinal approach) can be called the doctrine of Yatsenyuk and of the team that now offers a certain way in that direction. This doctrine is called ‘Raising the price for Putin,” – he said. 

The ‘doctrine’ includes several elements.

The first element is, certainly, the defense capability: “We require arms, we need defensive weapons in order to protect against Russian aggression. With this appeal we address to all our partners. There are no restrictions that might be an obstacle in providing Ukraine with such armaments”. 

The second element should be a continuation and strengthening of sanctions against Russia and its government. Ascounselor of PM stressed, “nothing has changed” after the achievement of the Minsk agreements. He pointed out that the Minsk agreements became an opportunity to develop a diplomatic way to resolve the conflict that is now a priority. However, since February 15 Ukrainian military positions were attacked over a thousand times, more than 100 soldiers were killed, hundreds wounded, “This is the price of a truce in Putin’s way”.

A stand-alone point is to ensure economic stability in Ukraine: “This is a key in order to move on”.

Ukraine also needs to strengthen the ‘humanitarian defense capabilities’, meaning that Ukraine should effectively counteract Russian informational propaganda, for “so called ‘Ukraine fatigue’ is now observed in the European media space,” – said D. Lubkivskyy.

The ‘Yatsenyuk doctrine’ also envisages Ukraine’s membership in NATO. 

“The implementation of this doctrine requires political consolidation in Ukraine, the political will and unity between the President and Prime-Minister of Ukraine,” – said D.Lubkivskyy.

Inter alia he also mentioned the necessity of developing “new vectors and relations” in particular ‘Kyiv-Warsaw’, ‘Kyiv-Baltic States’ and those “relating to London and Washington”. 

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