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D. Lubkivskyy does not believe in the wonder-working peacekeepers

25 March 2015, 17:37

Sending peacekeepers to Ukraine is a decision extremely difficult for implementation, according to Danylo Lubkivskiy, counselor of PM of Ukraine during the 3rd Youth Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation. 

“I do not believe in peacekeepers as wonder-workers. The President of Ukraine, obviously, took this decision on the basis of the recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affaires. This decision gave an important political initiative to Ukraine, but the implementation of this decision is undoubtedly difficult,” – he said.

The seasoned diplomat pointed out that there was a precedent in the world practice when a military (peacekeeping) operation was launched without the decision of the UN Security Council by a decision of the General Assembly of the UN – in 1930s in Korea.

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