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Confrontation at Donbas may reoccur in a week of two – Minister of Defense of Lithuania

25 March 2015, 17:20

Armed stand-off in the eastern Ukraine may reoccur in a week of two, according to the Deputy Minister of Defence of Lithuania Marius Wieliczka during  the 3rd Youth Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation. 

“As for me, the resumption of combat actions which have recently ended or suspended is the predictable scenario. This suspension will end in a week or two, "- he said.

M. Wieliczka noted that so far the direction of those actions remains unknown as well as the question how far the advancing side is determined to forge ahead. However, the representative of Lithuanian Ministry of Defense stressed that Ukraine is in fact facing the war with Russia which is opposed to the West and its values. According to him, today it is very hard to resist Russia because its President enjoys very high level of support and in these conditions propaganda does not allow the Russians to see alternatives to the policy of Putin. 

However, M. Wieliczka stressed that the EU is losing a propaganda war so far as it barely manages only to respond to Russia’s action on the media scene. 

Deputy Minister of Defence of Lithuania is convinced that Ukraine should be given lethal defensive weapons. According to him, the situation in Ukraine will not change unless this decision is taken. “Attacks take place 30-40 times a day… Now it is time for all Western states to provide you with all defensive capabilities to protect your country”, Wieliczka underscored. 

M. Wieliczka also believes that the resolution of the conflict at Donbas should not follow the Transnistrian scenario. In his opinion, this situation would be beneficial only for Russia. “All our efforts must be directed to the maintenance of the sovereignty of Ukraine, the restitution of its territories and the end of this conflict”, he stated. 

In addition, he stressed that Ukraine has to carry out many reforms, however, in his opinion, now it is not the best time for it. War in Ukraine, painful reforms, geopolitical and economic crisis… However, Wieliczka believes that these reforms are necessary.

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