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OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities advises against a hurried adoption of the language legislation

11 April 2014, 14:32

The Government of Ukraine should take its time and go very carefully about the adoption of a new language legislation was the message delivered by Mrs Astrid Thors, OSCE’s High Commissioner on National Minorities to the 7th Kyiv Security Forum on Friday.

‘When you think of ways how to make this piece of legislation inclusive, don’t hurry, and ponder the language of the law, assess the prevailing situation and how this linguistic law should be worded. Hurry you not in this effort, as this is a very important task,’ she says.

According to the OSCE High Commissioner, who visits Ukraine for the fourth time, the Ukrainian Government demonstrates their inclination for such approach and resistance to outside ‘spurs’. ‘There are quite a few out there who want to spur you up, urging you to make it fast, it is very important, however, that you be careful,’ reiterated Astrid Thors.

The High Commissioner also thinks the situation with the issue of national minorities should be improved. In this context she indicated that the effective legislation on national minorities ‘fails to reflect the reality as of today’. In Commissioner Thors’s words, the Government, however, is determined to take an effort in this area and ensure active participation of the minorities, ‘which is laudable’.

Mrs Astrid Thors is also confident that it is vital to implement decentralization of power, which is one of those things that the Government of Ukraine is now undertaking. ‘It is crucial to ensure decentralisation as it is a precondition of democratic development of a society where all the minorities may live and prosper in peace, ‘she stressed.


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