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Poland’s ex-Minister of Defence: West should develop a new policy towards the Russian Federation and Ukraine

11 April 2014, 11:54

Mr Bogdan Klich, Poland’s Minister of Defence in 2007-2011, addressing the 7th Kyiv Security Forum, suggested that the European Union and the Alliance should develop new programmes of cooperation with Russia and Ukraine.

‘After the lessons we all learned in the past months, one could say that security of the West without a stable and sovereign Ukraine in impossible. Not only are you fighting for your own security, freedom, and sovereignty, but you have also assumed responsibility for the security of the West,’ noted the ex-Minister of Defense, adding that the West is, for him, the EU member states and the NATO.

According to Mr Klich, the West can now observe a clear re-orientation of Ukraine. He believes that the unfolding events ‘should lead us to raising the issue of our current and future relations with Russia, and, second, of our relations with Ukraine in the security sector.’

‘What is found in some documents, on paper, is of lesser importance than the current policy capable of withstanding the Russian aggression in the international arena,’ he said. In particular, the ex-minister believes, the plans of Kremlin to regain its influence on post-Soviet states must be curbed. ‘We have to develop a new policy of checking Russia’s ambitions in at least three regions, namely East Europe, Central Asia, and Southern Caucasus,’ he explained.

Within the context of enhancing the Alliance’s cooperation with Kyiv, Mr Klich recalled of the functioning Ukraine-NATO Commission, as well as the signed Charter on a Distinctive Partnership. ‘These mechanisms have to be further developed,’ he added. Also, in the opinion of the Polish representative, the EU Association Agreement will create an opportunity for Ukraine to develop a broad range of relations, including with the Alliance.

Mr Klich also admitted that initially, the EU must have underestimated the role of the Association Agreement. ‘The European approach was for less strategic, more technical, operational relations. There was a gap between your expectations related to the Agreement  and our approach to this instrument’. According to the Polish representative, nowadays, however, the EU is increasingly more aware of the significance of the Agreement.

‘The Ukrainian nation is a great nation. It is a nation that decided to stand in the battlefield  for European values. We are so excited with what you have managed to achieve in these months,’ Mr Klich stated.


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