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Vilkul believes that the future of Europe and the world is being designed in Ukraine

11 April 2014, 09:42

Ukraine is currently a place where the future of Europe and the world is being designed and where mechanisms are being elaborated to maintain a balance of mutual relations between the European Union and the Customs Union.

This opinion was voiced by Oleksandr Vilkul, former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine (2012-2014), during the 7th Kyiv Security Forum.

‘Currently, the future of Europe is being designed in Ukraine as is the future of the world, and mechanisms are being developed here to maintain a balance of mutual relations between the largest political and military interstate formations’, Vilkul stated, reminding that Ukraine is located between the EU and the Customs Union.

In his opinion, in such a situation the Ukrainian state should keep its non-aligned status. The ex-Vice Premier emphasized that “preserving traditional sales markets and finding new ones” is quite important to Ukraine.

Commenting on the crisis in the country, Oleksandr Vilkul stated that the central authorities must ‘hear regions’ because it’s important. Against this background, he underlined the need for implementation of a mechanism of power decentralization, noting that ‘the government has already made some first steps by adopting a concept of local self-governance reform’.


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The Kyiv Security Forum annual international event, initiated by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation in 2007, is a platform for debates on the most pressing security issues in Europe and the Black Sea region. The Forum’s mission is to increase security cooperation between the European Union and the Black Sea region, raise awareness about security development among key players, and promote the role of independent and non-governmental actors in setting the security agenda in Europe.

The event is supported by the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation, the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine, and the Chatham House Royal Institute of International Relations (UK).

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