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Poroshenko, Deshchytsia hope visa-free regime with the EU begins as soon as 2015

10 April 2014, 18:07

By making all necessary decisions, Ukraine could obtain a visa-free regime with the European Union as soon as next year.

This was stated by Andrii Deshchytsia, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and Petro Poroshenko, MP, ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2009-2010) and ex-Minister for Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (2012), during the 7th Kyiv Security Forum.

‘It’s absolutely realistic to find understanding from the European Union and declare acquiring the right of visa-free travel by late 2014 as our principal goal’, Petro Poroshenko said answering a relevant question from a KSF participant on the visa-free regime introduction deadline.

According to Poroshenko, this requires Ukraine to make a number of important decisions promptly. ‘Some part of the job is on Ukraine’s side: the Ukrainian government and parliament must make necessary decisions urgently as well as finally ratify the Association Agreement, which has still not been put to the ratification vote’, he claimed.

Andrii Deshchytsia, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs, stated for his part that he supports Petro Poroshenko’s opinion ‘not as a diplomat but as a politician’. ‘1 January 2015’, he said.

Ambassador Jan Tombiński, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, pointed to an ‘excellent European formula – less promise, more action’. ‘I want to re-emphasize, however: everything depends on Ukraine’, he stated answering the same question.

His European colleague Myroslav Lajčák, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, shares the opinion that a solution to this issue depends on the Ukrainian party. Herewith, he also believes that introduction of the visa-free regime by the end of this year is realistic. ‘Obtaining such a regime by the end of the year is realistic; it depends on your parliament’s work. On the EU part, there is readiness for that’, he stated.


On 10 April, the 7th Kyiv Security Forum was opened, being an annual platform for debates and experience exchange on the most pressing security trends in Europe and the Black Sea region. This year, the main theme of the Forum will focus on recent developments in Ukraine and close to its borders, their preconditions, and possible outcomes for the country, region, Europe and even for the world at large.

The Forum agenda is designed for 2 days during which Ukrainian and international experts will provide a forecast for possible scenarios and their consequences as well as give expert advice with regard to ensuring stability and security in Europe and neighboring regions in the future.

The Forum will focus on current security issues, particularly: new global security strategies, the Crimea crisis and setting new global rules, importance of international guarantees, military alliances and ensuring security for neutral countries, the EU’s position in global political fight, international mechanisms of human rights protection, the Russian factor in regional conflicts, the role of civil society and the media in state formation.

The Kyiv Security Forum annual international event, initiated by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation in 2007, is a platform for debates on the most pressing security issues in Europe and the Black Sea region. The Forum’s mission is to increase security cooperation between the European Union and the Black Sea region, raise awareness about security development among key players, and promote the role of independent and non-governmental actors in setting the security agenda in Europe.

The event is supported by the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation, the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine, and the Chatham House Royal Institute of International Relations (UK).

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