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Future of Ukraine should not get resolved without nation’s involvement and out of its territory – Poroshenko

10 April 2014, 17:22

All the issues related to constitutional changes and the future of the Ukrainian State should find the resolution exclusively within the Ukrainian society and not through the efforts of the other parties and beyond Ukrainian territory. Rescheduling the presidential elections date of May 25 is out of the question. 

Petro Poroshenko, MP, former Foreign Minister (2009-2010) and Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (2012), emphasized this at the 7-th Kyiv Security Forum within “Ukraine: the Nation in Need of Democracy” panel.

Mr. Poroshenko stressed: “We should avoid creating a precedent of discussing Ukrainian constitutional changes beyond Ukraine and without Ukraine”.

He believes that prior to “any negotiations” the Constitutional Commission of the Verkhovna Rada should present a concept of constitutional amendments to the Ukrainian public for a discussion. This concept is to stipulate clearly a balance between the powers of the Government and the President as well as significant delegation of powers to local authorities at the level of territorial communities. Mr Poroshenko also believes that there should ‘a strong vertical of power’ should be put in place and ‘guarantee sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation’.

He pointed out that this Kyiv Security Forum is taking place ‘when Ukraine has become the target of aggression, when a part of its territory is occupied, when stability in the country’s South East is being undermined by extremists supported from external sources, and when the post-War system of European security has been destroyed’.

In his opinion, the presidential elections on May 25 are the highest priority against such a background. Any talk of putting off the voting to a later date must be considered ‘high treason’.

‘Rescheduling the elections, for whatever reason, is out of question, as it would be a betrayal of the nation. If the elections are not held, risks and threats will grow dramatically. Those who suggest­– by initiating a draft law or a discussion– that elections should not be at the top of the agenda are traitors of the state,’ he added.

Mr Poroshenko  also said that after elections, priority should be given to consolidation of the Ukrainian society and implementation of radical reforms. It is Ukraine’s prosperity and success that will facilitate the return of the now occupied Crimea.


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The annual international event, Kyiv Security Forum, was initiated by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine in 2007. It is a platform for debates on the hottest European and Blac Sea security issues. The purpose of the Forum is to enhance cooperation in the security sector between the EU and the Black Sea region, raise awareness on security developments among key players, and increasing the role of independent and non-government actors in identifying solutions to security challenges in Europe.

The event is supported by Victor Pinchuk Foundation, NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine and the Chatham House, UK.

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