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The EU countries will reach common ground regarding Ukraine, says Mariia Yurikova

22 November 2013, 22:11

The European Union member countries will reach a common ground regarding Ukraine, whose government this Thursday refused from the preparations for the signature of the EU Association Agreement at the Vilnius Summit. Nevertheless, the standpoints of certain EU members, in particular the Ukraine’s members, may differ. This was announced on Friday by Mariia Yurikova, deputy head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, at the 2nd Youth Kyiv Security Forum (Youth KSF).

“The EU policy is based on common foreign and defense policy. I am certain there will be a common ground,” she said in response to the question whether the EU will have common ground after this Thursday’s decision of the Ukrainian government regarding the EU association.

At the same time, Mariia Yurikova mentioned that the differences in interests will result in different attitude to Ukraine of certain member countries. “These are based on the historical connections, economic interests, and geographic location of different EU member countries.

It is absolutely natural that the countries sharing a border with Ukraine are more focused on furthering closer relations with your country,” she explained.

Nevertheless, the deputy head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine underscored that despite the slight differences in the interests of its member countries, the EU will reach common ground regarding the “important” Ukraine. “I am certain that common ground will be reached in relation to Ukraine, because it is an important partner for the EU,” she said.

Ms Yurikova additionally pointed out that the EU keeps its obligations in relation to Ukraine. “We are committed to the obligations we assumed in relation to Ukraine,” she said.


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