Kyiv Security Forum

4th Kyiv Security Forum affirmed its status of the most influential analytic Forum in the region

12 November 2010, 19:32

Kyiv Security Forum (KSF) organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s Open Ukraine Foundation for the fourth time, affirmed its status of the most influential analytic Forum in Eastern European and Black Sea regions.

Around 400 politicians, diplomats, militaries and experts from more than 30 countries took part in two-day event this year. The event was covered by approximately 80 journalists from about 50 media.

On November 11th the Forum initiator Arseniy YATSENYUK opened the event delivering a greeting speech.

“There are two important events that are being held in the world today – Kyiv Security Forum and the G20 meeting” – he mentioned. In accordance with Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s words the world has to answer – what is security as a definition. He recounted basic economic, political and demographic problems of the world community.

“How can we call the world a safe place to live in, if even in 2010 totalitarian regimes still exist?” – stressed the politician. In his opinion, Ukrainian problems should be considered only through the prism of global concerns: “The world is facing immense challenges, which can not be overcome by any country in the world including Ukraine”.

Revising current Ukraine’s problems Arseniy Yatsenyuk called on discussion of the issue of economic stability of our country. At the same time he expressed confidence in Ukraine’s capability to become an element of the world stability.

During the two-day discussions the participants of the KSF discussed transformations of the world security and necessary steps for reinforcement of security in Ukraine, Europe and the whole world.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo KLIMKIN noted that the future security system can produce security for itself. "But the key system remains the system of European values. Ukraine has to implement European values, the ideas of the “soft power”. But the EU should also learn how to produce and use effectively the term “soft power” – he said.

In his turn, Dr. Klaus WITTMANN, a German retired Brigadier-General, who was involved in the development of NATO strategic concepts in 1991 and 1999, said in his speech that in terms of new threats, NATO plays a limited role. “NATO has to develop new partnership concept for Russia. It needs a new program for Russia, not just to “reset” the computer (in computer terminology)”, - he said. According to his words, NATO should also take the responsibility over relations with Russia:."As we also disregarded Russia, particularly in case of Kosovo Independence", - reminded Wittmann.

Professor Michael COX from London School of Economics (UK) in his analysis, prepared for the KSF, as well as in his speech expressed his thoughts on changing the balance of power in the world:

"A sharp headline after all is no substitute for  the facts - and the fact remains that the western powers  overall still retain some big structural advantages, none more so than its supposedly beleaguered leader, the United States of America" - noted scientist and immediately asked: " Is the US economic star on the wane?". In his opinion, the US are actually in an economic drop. “But I know few serious people in China who feel that China is anywhere close to catching up with the United States” – said Cox.

Vice Prime-Minister of Georgia Giorgi BARAMIDZE stressed, that regional security and stability should be based first of all on an open dialogue. "If we want to live in a stable world and develop normally, we have to learn how to communicate, negotiate about the most painful problems" - he said.

Pawel KOWAL from Poland, a member of the European Parliament, a member of the EU-Ukraine parliamentary cooperation committee, said that Ukraine requires cooperation of political forces in support of European values for a sustainable future. "There is stability between politicians in Kyiv. It is good that the President (of Ukraine Viktor) Yanukovych confirmed the European intentions of Ukraine, but both authorities and opposition should support these intentions for the benefit of the whole country "- he said.

In his turn, Ukrainian journalist and publicist Vitaliy  PORTNIKOV raised in his speech the issue of Ukraine's cooperation with the European Union. "It’s impossible to talk about Ukrainian stability as such. The same appeals to the issues concerning EU-Ukraine. Mutation of cooperation with the EU has gone through a great time: from desire to join the EU to a non-aligned status. However, these issues must be solved one by one: from the formation of civil society and responsible political elite, to establishment of clear priorities” – he said. In his opinion, only after these steps it is possible to think of real desires: “Either towards Europe or towards Russia”.

Marie GERVAIS-VIDRICAIRE, an expert from the NATO’s new Strategic Concept development group, said that both individual international organizations and individual countries should unite to overcome current challenges. "New concept of the Alliance provides for fighting with variety of challenges posed to joint and regional security systems. Yes, Europe is facing such serious problems as terrorism, illegal migration, shortage of energy, food and water resources, environmental pollution, and deterioration of quality of life "- she said. According to expert’s opinion, a new challenge begins – appearance of the terrorism in the Internet. "We, all together within NATO, within European institutions and our partners have to overcome them," – urged GERVAIS-VIDRICAIRE.