Kyiv Security Forum

EU Ambassador: "For me, Ukraine’s victory is its membership in the European Union"

01 December 2022, 22:08

Citizens of the European Union support Ukraine not only in its fight against Russian aggression, but also in its aspirations of the EU membership.

This was stated by the Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine, Matti Maasikas, at the Kyiv Security Forum, founded by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation “Open Ukraine”.

“Ukraine must determine itself what its victory means. For me, the victory means that Ukraine becomes an EU member state,” he said.

The head of the European diplomatic mission also emphasized the support of the EU citizens for Ukraine’s European aspirations.

“From the very start of the massive russian aggression, the EU citizens not only support Ukraine in its fighting, but welcome Ukraine as a European state. Back in April, more than 50% of the EU population supported the idea of ​​inviting Ukraine to join the Union,” he said.

Matti Maasikas also noted that “the leaders of the EU countries, usually not very favorable to any enlargement idea, needed little convincing in this case, as they stated that their voters support such an idea.”

Additionally, he recalled that the EU provided a mechanism for the temporary protection of Ukrainian refugees in Europe, and now this program got extended for two more years.