Kyiv Security Forum

NATO PA supports creation of the special tribunal for Russia

01 December 2022, 13:05

NATO PA supports the idea of setting up a special tribunal to bring Russia to justice for the military and war crimes against Ukraine and the Ukrainians. 

This is what the newly elected President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Joelle Garriaud-Maylam said in her video address at the Kyiv Security Forum founded by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation “Open Ukraine”.

“Russia must be brough to justice for all the crimes it committed. All its actions, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and possible acts of genocide must be duly investigated”, - she stated. 

“The crime of aggression committed by Russia must be investigated  by the Special international Tribunal. Our PA fully supports the creation of such a special tribunal. We cannot stand idle in the face of this barbarity”, - emphasized Joelle Garriaud-Maylam. 

The NATO PA President also expressed her firm belief that the partners ought to continue to provide Ukraine with all the support and equipment it needs. 

“The recent successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield must not make us complacent. We must continue and accelerate our provision of military, intelligence, financial, training, and humanitarian support to Ukraine”, - she said. 

Ms Joelle Garriaud-Maylam also mentioned that the whole world shall stand by Ukraine when the time comes to rebuild the country.