Kyiv Security Forum

Victoria Nuland: «putin must not attain his objective by plunging people into darkness and cold»

01 December 2022, 12:53

President of Russia vladimir putin wants to freeze the Ukrainians with the winter approaching by attacking the civilian infrastructure.

This is the quote from the Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland video-address at the Kyiv Security Forum, founded by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Fund “Open Ukraine”. 

«Putin’s attempts to violent conquest, his war crimes and his nuclear blackmail, his hunger games, as well as attempts to freeze Ukrainians with the advent of winter must be overturned and defeated. If this is not the case, the world becomes a much more insecure place», - she stressed. 

Under Secretary of State has also underlined that putin must not attain his objective by «plunging people into darkness and cold, after he failed to achieve his aims at the battlefield».

«Every day brings new waves of terror and indignity. All of these are the repercussions of just one mastermind in the kremlin, the person who cannot stand what Ukraine represents. At it is not “NA Ukraine” that the edge of his fantasy empire is found, but in Ukraine there is the free, proud, and ever more successful European state, - she stressed. 

Victoria Nuland also added that the USA shall stand with Ukraine and continue to support our country.

She also informed that only recently President Biden has addressed the Congress for an additional package of USD 37 bln for “Ukraine not only survive but to flourish as a sovereign, secure and democratic country, and vladimir putin is strategically defeated».

«because your success is the success of freedom. And your bravery inspires all the best in us all», - concluded the Under Secretary of State.