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VIDEO. Russians continue massive bombings of hospital on "Azovstal", evacuation of wounded is necessary, - the Deputy Commander of the Azov regiment

13 May 2022, 21:03

Russian troops with the help of aircraft continue the massive bombing of the Azovstal plant, where are many wounded Ukrainian defenders, said Deputy Commander of the Azov regiment Svyatoslav Palamar (Kalyna) during the special military panel of the Kyiv Security Forum founded by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

“The enemy is cynical; the enemy does not abide by any international conventions. Neither Geneva Convention, nor anything else. Knowing that there is a huge number of wounded soldiers – around 600 – at Azovstal, the enemy continues to shell and bomb the military hospital. This is the breach of all international norms and conventions”, he emphasized.

Sviatoslav Palamar called upon Western leaders to help organize the evacuation of the wounded.

“I would like to address all representatives of this conference and say thank you. I would like to say that such high representatives of such proud people as the United States of America, I would like you to hear me out. First and foremost, please assist us in evacuation of our wounded soldiers”, he said.

“If there is any opportunity to use all possible efforts to assist us in the extraction process of our garrison. These boys and girls being encircled have given their utmost to crush, to hold such a huge number of enemy”, Palamar added.

He stressed that it was the courage of the defenders of Mariupol that allowed to hold back the enemy and not let him go further.

“Trust me, if we fail to hold the enemy, these hordes will go elsewhere and capture other territories of Ukraine. And the frontline would look very much different from what it does now”, Deputy Commander of the Azov regiment summarized.