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President of the Ukrainian Catholic University: There is No Sense of Solidarity in Ukrainian Society. This Creates Fear

03 July 2020, 15:12

There is no sense of solidarity in Ukrainian society, and this creates mistrust and fear, Borys Gudziak, President of the UCU, Metropolitan and Archeparch of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia said during KSF discussion on July 3.

"Today we live in big cities, we are crowded, but we do not know who has the door to the corridor one meter from our door," he said.

Borys Gudziak noted that this also applies to people with large fortunes, who also feel fear.

"They drive tanks through the streets of Kyiv, other streets are dangerous for them because there is a threat from outside. They live behind the walls, which are protected by guys with machine guns. We are afraid of each other," he said.

The President of the Ukrainian Catholic University believes that there are several reasons for this.

"There are consequences of totalitarianism, which killed about 180 million people in the twentieth century. There are genocides in Ukraine. There is a war now. There is a coronavirus. All these things are components that multiply fear," Borys Gudziak said.

He thinks that solidarity should be the answer to fear.

"We saw it on the Maidan. And here is, I think, the basic intuition that should be developed. When people are together, when they support each other, when they trust each other, they are not afraid, they go forward, they go into the future, they go with hope," Borys Gudziak emphasized.

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