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William Ruger: The level of implementation of US foreign policy for Trump is low

12 April 2019, 19:20

The presidential cadence of the current US President Donald Trump can be characterized by a low intensity of foreign policy implementation, stated the Vice President of Research and Policy at the Charles Koch Institute, William Ruger.

He voiced this opinion at the 12th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

"Compared with his predecessor (Barack Obama) we see a low level of implementation of foreign policy… if we are talking about Trump’s method or style in this area, there isn’t anything to say, but all of this appears positive," said William Ruger.

The expert clarified that every one of Trump’s predecessors was involved in a military campaign, more specifically, under Clinton the war in Kosovo, under Bush – the Iraq campaign, under Obama there were troops stationed in Afghanistan.

"Right now, the USA have a president who hasn’t made a single military intervention, and this is a big plus. Although he has never formulated strategic doctrines, he has now allowed Washington to review these issues, which should have been reviewed back in Cold War period. And this is a plus, because he has started a discussion within Washington itself. Trump writes on Twitter that the USA needs to leave Syria and Afghanistan, and this is also a positive," said William Ruger. 


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