Kyiv Security Forum

James Bezan: We need to give Ukraine more help, technology, and weapons

12 April, 14:20

Member of the Federal Parliament of Canada, James Bezan, is convinced of the need to increase assistance to Ukraine and strengthen NATO's presence in the Black Sea. He said this during the 12th Kiev Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

"In addition to the training mission, we have to give Ukraine more technology and weapons, we must withstand ostensibly absent Russian troops fighting in the Donbass," said the parliamentarian.

According to him, there is weaponry that "is waiting to be sent to the east of Ukraine, it is waiting for a decision on the government level, but it is ready."

"We are talking about anti-tank shells, small arms. But we have to make a political decision that we must not build the potential of Ukraine, but transfer weapons. But this is a separate signal to the Kremlin that we are ready," Bezan said.

The politician is convinced of the need to strengthen the Alliance's presence in the Black Sea.

"We say that there are submarines, they are now in the Mediterranean Sea, but they may unexpectedly appear in the Black Sea. If there are conventions and arrangements for participating in certain efforts in the Black Sea, then we need to do it, because Putin can move on to other foreign territory," said the Canadian representative.


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