Kyiv Security Forum

Judith Gough: Going through the process towards NATO membership strengthens Ukraine

12 April, 12:51

Ukraine’s path towards NATO membership is important as it involves the strengthening of its defense capabilities and institutions, stated the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine, Judith Gough, during the 12th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

"Great Britain supports Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations. Our Ministry of Defense supports your reform efforts. Ukraine’s end goal is membership, however, the process is important as well, which strengthens institutions and improves defense capabilities. Going through this process strengthens Ukraine and its relationship with NATO," the Ambassador noted.

Speaking about NATO's role in geopolitics, the Ambassador emphasized the relevance and productivity of the Alliance.

"NATO is already 70 year’s old. At one time, the Alliance defended Europe and the USA in the time of the Cold War. Now, as we can see, NATO has found solutions to challenges not only of the 20th but also of the 21st century. Dialogue with countries like Ukraine and Georgia proves that NATO is relevant, is in the center of events, and plays a major role in defining the future. All members of NATO understand the importance of this organization," emphasized Gough.


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