Kyiv Security Forum

Angela Gramada: Russian Propaganda is a Common Challenge for Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania

12 April, 12:47

President of the Romanian Expert Association for Security and Global Affairs, Angela Gramada, believes that the propaganda spread by Russian state media is a collective challenge for Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. She said this during the 12th Kiev Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

"The common challenge for Ukraine, Moldova and Romania is internal and external propaganda," Gramada said. According to her, internally, they use populism and externally, Russian state media such as the Sputnik TV channel.

She added that the lack of vision for the development of countries, both in society and among politicians, might pose a challenge. Gramada noted that for Ukraine and Moldova it is also necessary to implement reforms, in particular – in the fight against corruption and the development of institutions that can be independent of political influence. Romania can help them with this because they have already gone through the process.


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