Kyiv Security Forum

Alexander Vershbow: NATO needs new military capabilities to counteract new challenges, including the "little green men"

12 April, 12:41

NATO will not only become stronger, but will look to develope new capabilities to adequately answer new challenges, specifically elements of Russian aggression such as the presence of the "little green men" in Crimea. 

"NATO will continue to adapt, we need to continue strengthening mechanisms of deterrence, infrastructure. We need new military capabilities in order to counter act new challenges, such as the "little green men." After all, we are all confronting this for the first time," he emphasized.

The expert reminded us that within partnership programs, Ukraine has received substantial assistance from NATO.

"Ever since Ukraine started resisting Russian aggression, NATO has been searching for a solution. Multinational battalions under the leadership of various European countries have been created… NATO can change along with realities. The Alliance is not just a military alliance but also a political one, all our members have common values, we have a common fate," noted Vershbow.

He stressed that "NATO, albeit with a delay, began strengthening the security of the Black Sea."

"I hope to continue the pace of efforts towards preventing Russian from hindering the navigation of Ukrainian ships and their ability to enter Ukrainian ports," emphasized Vershbow.


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