Kyiv Security Forum

Viktor Kryzhanivsky: Russia will postpone the settlement of Transnistria for as long as possible

12 April, 11:19

Russia will use all possible means to postpone the settlement of Transnistria. This was stated by the Special Representative of Ukraine for the Transnistrian settlement, Ambassador Viktor Kryzhanivsky, during the 12th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

He noted that he served as the Special Representative of Ukraine for the Transnistrian settlement in 2008-2010 and when he was re-appointed to this position in 2017, there was almost no change in the region. "There is practically no progress in the political settlement. Unfortunately, not only Russia is influencing this. Although Russia does play a huge role, they will be interested in delaying the settlement for as long as possible. After all, for them a center of danger, tension – It is very important," said Kryzhanivsky.

He added that due to such centers of danger, Russia prevents the region from developing properly. "Russia is not interested in anyone developing more than Russia itself because it creates comparison that is not in their favor," the Ambassador said.

Kryzhanivsky stressed that Ukraine is doing everything in its power to help resolve the situation, in particular through joint border checkpoints that block the traffic of drugs and weapons.


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