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Exploring fashion one can judge what is happening in a country – Tereziya Yatsenyuk

07 April 2017, 21:17

“While exploring the fashion, the attitude to fashion, in particular, the shape of garments, it is possible to understand what is happening in a certain country of the world and in the world as a whole. One can judge what is on the agenda of the country, how it lives, how people work, etc. Fashion is a wonderful thing and, thank God, the world is moving in this direction”, Tereziya Yatsenyuk, Head of Supervisory Council of Open Ukraine Foundation, expressed this opinion at 10th Kyiv Security Forum held by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine.

“Nowadays, fashion is, in fact, a norm, a rule, a measure, and it has developed as a result of very rapid events, some clashes, intellectual situations, some economic events. All this had a significant impact on the development of fashion. When the cognitive processes in a society change, they also change the attitude of people to one other and such a thought is in wide circulation: “Something is changing around us and we need to create something new”. Fashion is this new thing. Fashion is something new and interesting that will help to adapt and to recapture the beauty, despite the events taking place in the country or in the world”, Tereziya Yatsenyuk added.

Speaking about the choice to dedicate the last session of the Forum to the issue of fashion, Tereziya Yatsenyuk noted that she had been inspired for that by the inner and outer beauty that determines each person: beauty in communication, in clothing, in a glance, and in love.

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