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Europe believes that Ukraine will implement reforms – Taavi Rõivas

07 April 2017, 13:24

“In Europe, many believe that Ukrainian politicians are not only willing but also are able to carry out important state reforms. In the current situation, the “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine is a very realistic prospect”, Taavi Rõivas, Vice President of the Parliament of Estonia, stated at 10th Kyiv Security Forum held by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine.

The Estonian politician noted that he had experience in reforms and he knew how difficult it was to conduct them even in a country that is at peace. However, Ukraine, compared to Estonia and the most of Europe, finds itself in a more complicated position. Ukraine has to carry out difficult reforms at a time of war. The EU acknowledges this and believes that Ukraine will manage to cope with this problem. This understanding includes the perception that it would be difficult and would not happen any very soon, but if the EU is confident in Ukraine and this belief is spread, Ukraine may rely on the continuous and comprehensive assistance on the part of the EU in this matter.

The Estonian politician also urged Ukrainians to constantly celebrate the achievements in state reforms.

“When you have some victories in reforms, you should to notice and speak them up as loud as possible. Even if they are minor. By doing this you will show everybody that you are really working on the issue of reforming the state and that you have some achievements on this path”, Taavi Rõivas noted.

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