Kyiv Security Forum

Ukraine remains one of the most stable and reliable NATO’s partner - Rose Gottemoeller

07 April 2017, 10:10

"What Ukraine is doing for NATO is very important. Ukraine remains one of the NATO's most reliable partners. Despite the conflict in the Donbass, today, Ukraine is represented in all NATO operations", noted Rose Gottemoeller, NATO Deputy Secretary General, during the 10th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine.

Also, Rose Gottemoeller stressed that NATO and Ukraine constantly update and expand the program of cooperation. "We constantly update our partnership program, discuss common goals. One example of this is cooperation on the treatment of the wounded Ukrainian servicemen. We also think not only about how to provide them with medical assistance directly on the battlefield. But also regarding their rehabilitation and return to normal life. Also, we will intensify our efforts to help in the psychological rehabilitation of the Ukrainian servicemen. In addition, we help the medical service of the Ukrainian Army by training Ukrainian physicians", noted NATO Deputy Secretary General.

"So, NATO is a predominantly defensive Alliance and it can help Ukraine in carrying out primarily defense reforms. But we want the society in Ukraine to know that we are engaged in much wider cooperation with Ukraine and not only in the military sphere", Rose Gottemoeller added.

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