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Nicolas Tenzer: Elections in France will determine whether EU won or lost

06 April 2017, 18:47

“France shall soon hold the elections, and these elections will determine whether the EU won or lost. This is the matter of choice between Europe and Putin, the choice between an open society and fanaticism, the choice between freedom and dictatorship” Nicolas Tenzer, President of the Center for Study and Research for Political Solutions (France), stressed during 10th Kyiv Security Forum held by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine.

According to Nicolas Tenzer, this is the matter of the choice of values. “The fate of Ukraine and the fate of Syria will depend on this”, the expert believes. He explained that on the one hand there are presidential candidates who promise to increase spending on the defense and are ready to strengthen the European security, and on the other – there are the skeptics, the supporters of “Frexit” and those supporting the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

In his opinion, by actions in Ukraine and Syria, Russia is trying to undermine the world order. And in order to resist this process, the entire free world needs to stand up for its values. Nicolas Tenzer noted that in the conditions when the UN was not able to fulfill its tasks, it would be useful to reorganize it or to create new missions.

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