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Reforms in Ukraine have an impact on geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe - Māris KUČINSKIS

06 April 2017, 13:53

"Reforms in Ukraine have a direct impact on the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe because of their leading to the strengthening of democracy and stabilizing the region's economy", the Prime Minister of Latvia Māris KUČINSKIS expressed such an opinion during the 10th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine.

According to a senior Latvian official, Ukraine remains a stable partner for the Baltic states.

"Ukraine is a stable partner for the Baltic states and for all Europe.

We continue to support the European integration policy of Ukraine and its reforms aimed at restoring democracy and economic stability.

"The Baltic states have never been indifferent to events in Ukraine. Perhaps, it could be explained through our common experience. We understand Ukraine’s difficulties in conducting reforms because we also passed through this way, thus, we will continue to assist in process of reforms’ implementation", Māris KUČINSKIS said.

He added that Ukraine has already implemented series of important reforms and called the Ukrainian authorities not to stop here, and continue to go through state reform. In turn, the Baltic states are willing to help and share best practices to speeding up these reforms.

Speaking about the situation in eastern Ukraine, Māris KUČINSKIS said that actions of Russia remain the main obstacle to its stabilizing, so the West should not reconsider its attitude to Russia before the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

"Regarding the situation in eastern Ukraine, little had been done today in context of the Minsk agreements, primarily, because of Russia’s actions that directly contradict to these agreements and hamper their implementation. However, full implementation of Minsk is one of the main prerequisites for the successful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. With this in mind, we should compel Russia to ensure the Minsk agreements, so we should not reconsider our position regarding it until Russia undertakes practical steps", the Latvian Prime Minister said.

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