Kyiv Security Forum

Vitaly Portnikov: «Political dilettantism is developing in the world»

10 February 2017, 10:35

Political dilettantism that today can be seen in the United States could spread all over the whole world. This opinion was expressed during the 5th Kyiv Security Forum for Youth organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation by journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

«There is the development of political dilettantism in the United States today. But the danger is that it could spread all over the whole world. The events that take place now give us the reason to think so. For example, the main feature of the last elections in the US and other important political events is that those took part in them who had not paid any attention to them. For example, in the US a «Jack» votes for Trump, and the other «Jack» in Britain votes for Brexit. And there too many such «Jacks». And we all live in the country of «Jacks», - the publicist said.    

«We live in a time when the democracy stops to be predictable. Classical democracy, that we know in the history of the twentieth century, doesn`t exist. Today we turn to the world of information ochlocracy. It is not clear absolutely. And it takes place on the background of new technological advances. It is the same danger if the characters of Shakespeare's plays had nuclear weapons, and they have used it in 30 minutes. Because of the feature of medieval man, unlike the modern one is a lack of strategic thinking and belief in providence. The responsibility for consequences and the understanding of the consequences that has been fostered by a humanity during the war, the development of scientific and technological progress today, unfortunately, removed», - Vitaly Portnikov said.


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