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Vitaly Portnikov: «Professions of political scientists and political experts lose their relevance today»

10 February 2017, 10:10

Today we live in such a time when professions of political scientists and political experts lose their relevance. This opinion was expressed during the 5th Kyiv Security Forum for Youth organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation by journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

«The peculiarity of the current situation is that all these people who speak with us today: Ukrainian and European politicians, political scientists all of them know nothing. Previously, we thought that we can not predict the Russian president, although in principle we understand the trajectory of his actions. But today we live in a world where we can not predict the US president. Therefore all our knowledge, all our attempts to predict some more events have no meaning. These professions of political scientists, political experts today lose its relevance», - Vitaly Portnikov said.

Explaining his point, he doesn`t mean the events in the US only, and that a new communication culture appeared in the world.

«Such a situation is not only a consequence of the events that are currently taking place in the United States but also a result of a new communication culture that appeared in the world. And it is the reason because of that a profession as an analyst will soon become unnecessary. New communication systems encourage people to make a choice, after that the people who can not act professionally come to the apex of power. And these people can not be predicted. Perhaps humanity has to burn a few times, maybe it will be through a new global economic crisis or a third world war. But then those who remain on the earth will operate and make decisions more responsibly», - Ukrainian publicist said.


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