Kyiv Security Forum

Gintaras Bagdonas: «Reducing the dependence on Russian gas is the main challenge to the energy security of Europe»

09 February 2017, 15:55

Reducing the dependence on Russian gas is the main challenge to the energy security of Europe. It was stated during the 5th Kyiv Security Forum for Youth organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation by the Director of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence Gintaras Bagdonas.

«Quite often the energy security remembered of its exceptional importance. It can be observed in our time too. At the same time today energy security should be reinterpreted because over the last three decades its paradigm has become too limited and needs to be expanded by inclusion of many new factors. Yes, for Europe a major challenge to its energy security is the reducing of the dependence on Russian gas supplies now. It is no secret, that gas is one of the strongest tools in Russian influence the Europe today», - Gintaras Bagdonas said.

«Of course, a new Russian energy infrastructure in Europe is not economically feasible, but politically it will undermine the energy security of Ukraine and other transit countries such as Belarus, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic», - he added.

As the main direction of strengthening of the energy security of European countries and the fight against Russian energy expansion Gintaras Bagdonas considers the need to diversify routes and, in fact, the source of energy supplies.

«Today, European countries are trying to confront the strengthening of Russian expansion of gas in Europe, including the expansion of its gas transportation routes, and above all – «Nord Stream 2». At the same time, more attention should be paid not to supply routes, but in fact, their sources. That is, while Russia will remain the main source of gas supply to Europe, energy security will be under the threat», - the NATO expert summed up.


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