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Yevheniy Hlibovytsky: Ukraine is primarily a civil society

15 April 2016, 20:31

“There are some unique situations in the world when civil society plays a special role, and such kind of a situation is observed in Ukraine. Ukraine primarily is a civil society. This became possible due to the fact that in our country many people are carriers of values, are highly literate and have the ability to be actors at the national level,” – said  Yevheniy Hlibovytsky, the Pro.mova founder, Member of Nestor Group, during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

“Today, the quantity of such people in Ukraine became crucial, and it resulted in those fundamental changes that we have been seeing in the last few years,” – he added.

Yevheniy Hlibovytsky also stressed that the changes were directed not only against the totalitarian regime, but also against non-compliance of the previous government and its’ functions. Moreover, they have become a rather clear signal for other governments, and particularly for the one which has recently been elected, that they are closely monitored by the civil society and have a narrow corridor to maneuver.

However, he noted, the civil society in Ukraine has another side. “Among the representatives of Ukrainian civil society there are many people who try to hamper reformation and transformation of the state. At the same time, they are a full part of it and one should keep it in mind when assessing the its’ activities and influence on the processes taking place in the country,” – said Yevheniy Hlibovytsky.

“In addition, today civil society in Ukraine has assumed many responsibilities; on the one hand it is a positive development because it helps the state function in difficult conditions, but on the other it is also a negative one, as such by means of its’ actions it can disrupt the performance of the State’s basic functions. In this context, the State should recognize that the civil society will keep on supporting it, but it can never replace it,” – stressed Yevheniy Hlibovytsky.


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