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Michal Boni: Ukraine’s cybersecurity strategy should be as close to the European model as possible

15 April 2016, 20:14

“The Ukrainian government has decided to develop a new strategy for cybersecurity and now the gaps in this field are being closed. What is a real strategy? In my opinion, this is primarily a comprehensive, legal framework that would be as close to a European basis as possible and would operate in cooperation with NATO institutions,” – said  Michal Boni, MEP, Minister of Administration and Digitazation of Poland (2011-2013), during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

The Euro-MP said that Ukraine, as many other countries, now in facing cyber threats of information war. “But in case of Ukraine it is even more dangerous because of the current war and Russian aggression,” – he stressed.

Michal Boni underlined the reasonability of implementation in Ukraine of rules and safety requirements in terms of investment, telecommunications, the Internet and information technologies that exist in the EU. “Implementation of all required standards, standardization of networks and procedures in this area are the elements of security guarantees,” – he said, stressing the importance of systems’ compatibility, not only on the technical but also on the semantic levels.

“… the EU Directive on Security in Information Technology. I think that Ukrainian relevant documents should comply with this document,” – said Michal Boni. He also called for introduction of Computer Incident Response centers in Ukraine after consultations on this subject with the European Commission and appropriate EU Member States.

Besides, Michal Boni emphasized the importance of partnership with a view to ensuring cooperation between Ukrainian and European media, attracting journalists and civil society, especially at local level, to campaigns aimed to promote cyber education of the population.


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