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Nicolas Tenzer on information wars: We should not let Russia form the agenda

15 April 2016, 19:05

 “The democratic world should form their own agenda of information warfare, not just respond to the ones imposed by Russia,” – stated  Nicolas Tenzer, the President of Center for Study and Research for Political Decisions (France), during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

“Putin's Russia is lying, presenting some facts that have nothing to do with reality. And then we have to sort out all this false information,” – said Nicolas Tenzer. One example he cited was the announcement that Russia fought against ISIL. “But Russia was not actually fighting against ISIL, it was just supporting the Assad regime. And we have to refute and explain it,” – said the expert.

“I think we need to go far beyond the correction of facts. We must distribute our own discourse, our own vision of reality and our own values and our own truth as well... It is very important not to let Russia establish an information agenda. Because actually we are trying to respond to Russia, often without offering our own vision of the world or reality,” – said Nicolas Tenzer.

He noted that democracy is the value of truth itself. “And in that sense, I think we need to demonstrate that we are more attractive than the regime of Putin’s and other dictators,” – said the expert.


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