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Danylo Lubkivsky: Ukraine has no right to become a hybrid monster such as Russia

15 April 2016, 18:34

“In the confrontation with Russian informational aggression Ukraine has no right to become a hybrid monster such as Russia,” – said Danylo Lubkivsky, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

“We must not use propaganda the way Moscow does, but vise versa – we must be open and honest to our society and the international community. Fortunately, Ukraine has a civil society that is able to provide this,” – said Danylo Lubkivsky.

According to the Ukrainian diplomat, informational threat, talked much about today, is a part of the intellectual war, started by Russia against the entire democratic community. In turn, this intellectual war has two important aspects:

“Of course, when we talk about the threat from Russia – this is true. But the threat of European isolation, unwillingness to spread the values, security and prosperity are the issues of no less importance. Unfortunately today in Europe local interests prevail over universal problems. However, this position of the Europeans is not right, and all these challenges shall meet their proper response. In addition, there is a serious problem of chronic European fatigue. Europe is tired of the refugees, the daily insecurity from problems of its own citizens and other people,” – said the Ukrainian diplomat.

D. Lubkivsky expressed hope that the NATO summit in Warsaw would give a clear answer to these problems, and in particular it would be realized that Europe does not end in Przemyśl, but it is in Kiev and Minsk and the Caucasus as well.

“In turn, with a view to carrying out this process from the Ukrainian side, our society must raise not only such important issues as compliance with the law by Ukrainian politicians but also as their political behavior. This means that the new ethical standards of Ukrainian political elite should restore confidence in the political stratum in Ukraine,” – he added.

In general, summing up his speech, Danylo Lubkivsky noted that Ukraine should give two main answers to the challenges of information war:

- "No" to the European isolationism;
- "No" to local thinking, prevailing over universal values;
-  To adopt ethical standards of behavior that should return confidence in ourselves to us and to the world.


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