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Johannes Regenbreht: It is necessary to change the mentality of its’ major actors to achieve changes in Ukraine

15 April 2016, 16:29

“There is no need to invent anything new in order to achieve changes in Ukraine. It is needed to change the mentality of its’ major actors. Europe hopes that this will finally happen,” – said Johannes Regenbreht, Head of Task Force Ukraine of German Federal Foreign Office, during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

“In the situation that has developed in Ukraine it is simply necessary to change the mentality of Ukrainian major actors and we expect that it will happen. We hope that the new government will begin the real struggle against corruption, create an appropriate legal framework to hold the constitutional changes, reform the court and prosecution systems. In addition, Ukraine should carry out the restructuration of public administration. Of course, the issue of salaries in Ukraine is of no less importance, but it should be a part of core reformation,” – said Mr. Johannes.

In addition, the diplomat noted that today Ukraine is on the right way and admitted the progress achieved in the process of the state reformation.

“I would like to point out the achievements of Ukraine in the reformation process: the Ukrainian government has achieved GDP growth, held democratic elections at all levels, energy sector reform was carried out, fight against corruption is launched, for the purposes of which, in particular, necessary institutions were established and the implementation of the IMF program was carried out,” – said J. Regenbreht.

However, he admitted that there are still important issues pending that need urgent attention. Primarily they relate to jurisprudence and rule of law. According to him, these problems relate to the fact that the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office and courts are still working in accordance to the Soviet model. And they must undergo mandatory reformation, as well as the civil service sector. Also, the German diplomat said that the level of corruption is still high and comprehensive for the country, and it is the number one task for the newly established Anti-Corruption Bureau.

With this in mind, Y. Regenbreht said, that today the EU strongly supports Ukraine in its’ effort to change and reform, but time is very important at the moment. “Reforms should be accelerated and deepened and the obstacles that impede them should be successfully mastered,” – summed up the German diplomat.


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