Kyiv Security Forum

In Kiev the Ukrainian and international experts discussed Ukrainian reforms

15 April 2016, 09:46

The 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation held a discussion on “CAN UKRAINE ACHIEVE REFORM BREAKTHROUGH?” where Ukrainian and international experts discussed the Ukraine's achievements in reformation process.

In addition, within the frameworks of the discussion, members of the Chatham House presented their analytical article titled: "Can Ukraine achieve reform breakthrough?" which reflects the main results and prospects for further reform of the Ukrainian state.

According to one of the authors, Fellow at Chatham House John Laf, in 2014 the Ukrainians demonstrated extraordinary steadfastness during the revolution and in the face of Russian aggression. The new government with the significant support of the West was able to stabilize the difficult financial situation in which the country found itself and to begin the process of important reforms aimed at directing Ukraine to the path of European development.

“A wave of new reformers in parliament and government and support of active civil society and the Western powers gave rise to hope that the Ukrainian leaders will not procrastinate as their predecessors, and finally achieve visible progress not only in reforms, but in the state’s revival as well,” – said John Laf.

In turn, another author, Fellow of the Viadrina European University in Frankfurt an der Oder Irina Solonenko, focused on the major driving forces and problems of reform.

She said the drivers of the Ukrainian reforms are pressures on the Ukrainian authorities from the part of the civil society, which after the Revolution of Dignity expects evident results. The external pressures from Western countries, that are making considerable political efforts, supporting the transformation processes in Ukraine since 2014, are equally important.

Ms. Irina in her speech also mentioned the factors that hamper the effective reform of the Ukrainian state.

"The main hindering factors for the reform are the following: fragile political unity, heritage of partial reforms and limited capacity to implement these reforms practically," – underscored Irina Solonenko.

Summing up her speech, she expressed satisfaction with the fact that the driving forces of the reform process are now far outweighing the constraints. She nevertheless said that “the struggle between “new” and “old” unfolds slowly and painfully, and it is currently impossible to predict whether the reforms in Ukraine are destined to succeed or to fail”.


The annual international event Kyiv Security Forum launched by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine in 2007 is a platform for debate on the most pressing security issues in Europe and the Black Sea Region. 

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