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Ünal Çeviköz: Ukraine may become a new victim of illegal migration from the Middle East

14 April 2016, 21:19

“Ukraine may become a new victim of illegal migration from the Middle East. A new wave of migrants could go to Ukraine through the Caucasus and Russia, and it will put the country before a new challenge,” – emphasized Ünal Çeviköz, the President of Ankara Policy Centre, during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

According to the Turkish expert, today the main threats to the European security are the migration and the international terrorism.

“Speaking of migration, the problem has the biggest impact on Turkey among all European countries. Its result is 3 million refugees in the country. To solve this problem, Turkey is working closely with the EU and there is hope that the reached agreements will contribute to this best. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that in this case Ukraine may become the new migration victim. A new wave of migrants may go to Ukraine through Russia and the Caucasus and it will put it before the new challenge,” – said Ü. Çeviköz.

As to the terrorism, the Turkish expert drew attention to its’ two main reasons. “Firstly, the Muslims who have already been living in Europe for many years have not integrated into European society. There is a high unemployment level among them. At the European labor market, many of them feel alienated and, therefore, it is not a great deal for terrorist organizations to drag them to their side. Secondly, many of the potential members of these organizations come to their ranks not because of religious reasons. Mostly, they represent criminals, among which the search for future fighters is conducted,” – said Ünal Çeviköz.

At the same time, the Turkish expert noted that these threats are the result of that unstable international situation that has developed today and which is caused by a number of important factors. “The first is the emergence of multipolar international environment in which there was the weakening of the role of states and international organizations, including the UN, which becomes less influential because of inconsistent decisions. Also, such a global power like the US today chooses soft power instead of hard one in its foreign policy. In addition, the growing influence of non-state actors on international relations cannot be ignored, as, in particular, Hamas, Hezbollah and especially ISIL. The last in this list – is the unwillingness of the international community, including the US and the EU, to intervene in international events, particularly in what is happening in Syria. Russia took advantage of this for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union and raised its role of a regional power to a global player. At the same time, due to the war in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine at the same time it became a threat to international security and is not shy to spread its influence not only on the country's of the so-called "near abroad", but beyond it, which is clearly demonstrated by its military activity in Syria,” – said the President of Ankara Policy Centre.



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