Kyiv Security Forum

David Kramer: Russia is not interested in stability as in a phenomenon

14 April 2016, 20:29

The policy of the Russian Federation on the international scene shows that Moscow is not interested in stability in the world. Such opinion during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatseniuk Open Ukraine Foundation was expressed by David Kramer, Senior Director for Human Rights and Human Freedoms, McCain Institute, U.S..

“Russia has worsened the situation in Syria by blocking the UN resolutions, by supporting Assad, through military intervention, it increased the flow of refugees ... It is trying to destabilize the situation in your country. It is not interested in stability as a in phenomenon,” - stressed David Kramer.

According to him, Russia neglected all the international norms and rules established in the world after the Cold War. “When it invaded Ukraine, these principles were rejected. This is a threat,” – he underscored.

David Kramer also said that Russia has shown aggression not only towards Ukraine but also towards Estonia, Moldova and Georgia. The representative of the McCain Institute believes that such aggression is related to an authoritarian regime that exists in Russia, and unwillingness to allow the maintenance of democracy in neighboring countries.


The annual international event Kyiv Security Forum launched by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine in 2007 is a platform for debate on the most pressing security issues in Europe and the Black Sea Region. 

David Kramer's speech at the 9th Kyiv Security Forum is available here.