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Malcolm Rifkind: The US and European countries should continue strict sanctions against Russia

14 April 2016, 16:09

“Strict sanctions against the Russian Federation imposed by the United States and European countries should be continued as long as the aggression from the part of Russia is taking place,” – persisted Malcolm Rifkind, Chairman of Defense and Security Committee (2010-2015), Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1995-1997), during the 9th Kyiv Security Forum organized by Arseniy Yatseniuk Open Ukraine Foundation. 

Malcolm Rifkind also spoke out strongly against legitimization of the annexation of Crimea. “Ukraine as a state, as a nation was reviving itself and had very tough times, and these difficulties have been deepened by the fact that Putin and the Russian Federation decided to go for something that was not observed since the Sudeten times – it's the annexation of Crimea. And the world must not tolerate it. We will never recognize the legitimacy of this event”, – he said.

British politician underscored that having violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Russia de facto violated the Budapest Memorandum.  “Because this step as to violation of the integrity of Ukraine caused damage not only to Ukraine but to the nuclear non-proliferation movement in the world in general”, – he said.


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