Kyiv Security Forum

About Kyiv Security Forum

The Kyiv Security Forum was established by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation in 2007. The forum is an annual event that acts as a platform for high-level discussion on relevant matters of national security as well as security in the Black Sea region, Europe and globally.

The discussions that take place at the Kyiv Security Forum focus on regional conflict resolution, economic and energy security, cybersecurity, organized crime, human trafficking, illegal migration and refugees. Participants in the Forum aim to resolve relevant issues related to border management, corruption, terrorism, nonproliferation of nuclear and conventional weapons and more.

The annual Kyiv Security Forum has become a leading regional platform for discussion that creates an opportunity for the exchange of views on global security in an atmosphere of open and informal dialogue. The Forum brings together representatives of governments and independent experts, representatives of regional and global organizations, influential intellectuals, politicians, academics and journalists.

Mission of the Kyiv Security Forum:

  • Improving the cooperation between Ukraine and its neighbor countries within the EU and the Black Sea region;
  • Raising awareness among the regions key players about matters of regional development; 
  • Increasing the participation of independent and non-government bodies in defining the agenda for matters of European and Global security.

Download full information about Kyiv Security Forum (PDF, 54,9 MB)