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Director, The NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine

Ms. Maronkova became the Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine in March, 2017.

Previously she worked at the NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division in Brussels, Belgium as program coordinator to oversee projects that aim to raise awareness and promote NATO in a number of NATO member states.

As of September 2010, she works as program manager and is responsible for designing, planning and implementing public diplomacy campaigns in the Western Balkans. She actively works on NATO’s Partnerships and Open door policies. In this capacity, she advises candidate countries on their national public awareness campaigns on NATO membership.

As of 2012, she co-leads the Evaluation and Assessment program for the Division. Previously, she worked for a private airline company, Sky Europe Airlines on a number of projects including internal communications. In 2003, she established and headed a Slovak-based NGO Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs to contribute to the public and academic debate on Slovakia’s membership to the EU and NATO. Her work included public relations and media appearances, public speaking, donors and stakeholders relations as well as the management of the NGO.

A graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Barbora is also an alumnus of the CPD Summer Institute and holds a Public Affairs diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK.

Maronkova's 2015-2017 CPD Research Fellowship project titled, From Crawling to Walking; Progress in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Diplomacy (Lessons Learned from NATO).