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Prime Minister of Poland (1996-1997)

Independent Senator in the Polish Parliament (2007–2015) and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate; Member of the Polish Parliament (1989–2005); Speaker of the House (2005); Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Polish accession to the European Union and for proposing a model of reform for the United Nations (2001–2005).

Mr. Cimoszewicz was a Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in 1996–1997.

He held a position of a Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the National Assembly and Deputy Speaker of the House in 1995–1996, was a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice (1993–1995) and a Member of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and a rapporteur to the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (1992–1993).

Mr. Cimoszewicz received PhD in Public International Law from the University of Warsaw in 1978. He obtained Honorary Doctorates from the University of South Carolina, Appalachian State University, and Odessa University. Before entering politics in 1989, he worked as Assistant Professor at Law Faculty of the University of Warsaw. He was a Fulbright Foundation scholar and lecturer at Columbia University in 1980–1981. From 1997 Mr. Cimoszewicz is a Honorary Lecturer at the Wofford College, Appalachian State University, University of New York, University of South Carolina, Furman University, Queens College, University of Maryland and several other academic institutions in the USA and Canada. From 2006 Mr. Cimoszewicz is a Head of the Foreign Policy Centre at the Law School of the University of Białystok.