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Michał BONI

Member of the European Parliament

Michał BONI was born in 1954 in Poznan (Poland), a graduate of the University of Warsaw, a lecturer in the Department of Polish Culture.

Minister of Labour and Social Policy (1991). Member of Parliament of the first term,
co-founder of the National Development Plan, the National Action Plan for 2007-2013.

Since 2008, Mr. Boni worked at the position of the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, co-author of «Solidarity across generations 50+». He was the Head of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister, in 2009 appointed to the office of the Minister – a member of the Council of Ministers and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers.

Mr. Boni held the position of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of Poland from 2011 till 2013.

Since 01/06/2014 he is the Member of the European Parliament.

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