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Director of Global Economics Attitudes at the Pew Research Center

Mr. Stokes is the Director of Global Economics Attitudes at the Pew Research Center. He is also a non-resident fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States and an associate fellow at Chatham House. He is a former senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he is a member. And for 23 years he was the international economics columnist for the National Journal, a Washington-based public policy magazine.

He is the author many Pew surveys, including most recently: NATO Publics Blame Russia for Ukrainian Crisis, but Reluctant to Provide Military Aid; Faith in European Project Reviving; Global Publics: Economic Conditions Are Bad; Germany and the United States: Reliable Allies; Support in Principle for U.S.-EU Trade Pact..

Mr. Stokes is coauthor, with Andrew Kohut, of the book America Against the World: How We Are Different and Why We Are Disliked (Times Books, 2006), author of the 2009 GMF Transatlantic Trends survey. In 2012, while at the German Marshall Fund, he co-authored A New Era for Transatlantic Trade Leadership (European Centre for International Political Economy, Brussels) and The Case for Renewing Transatlantic Capitalism (demosEuropa, Warsaw). In 1997, he was a member of President Clinton's Commission on United States-Pacific Trade and Investment Policy and he wrote its final report Building American Prosperity in the 21st Century. In 1996 he edited Open For Business: Creating a Transatlantic Marketplace (Council on Foreign Relations).

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